Translating insight into investment returns

We bridge the gap between emerging cutting edge technologies in the private sector and distribution opportunities in government – all with a focus on the national defense.

IronGate Capital Advisors will consider direct equity investment, as well as participation in exceptional venture and opportunity funds managed by third parties.


Our proprietary relationships, formed over years of industry experience, enable us to identify and participate in exclusive investment opportunities that are not available to the general public. This unique access is the keystone of our investment strategy.


We pursue investment in growth companies, not simply innovative ideas. Therefore, our analysis of revenue projections and investment returns are equally important as technology feasibility, contribution to national security, and commercial applications.


After an investment is thoroughly vetted, our team of managers negotiates the investment structure and commits to funding. To learn more about the specific structures we will consider, and the general terms we seek, please contact us.


Our mission is to direct capital to the highest-performing private investments in the advance technology arena, with a specific focus on innovations in aerospace, defense and intelligence, and national security.


Please contact us if you have an investment opportunity we should consider. Our team will respond within 24 hours.

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