"We provide Main Street and Wall Street a vehicle to invest in defense-related technologies and contribute to the protection of the United States."

Importance of Alternative Investment

The decentralization of technological development away from indexed companies has created a market where private equity investment is required for alpha. However, access to private equity opportunities has customarily been limited to institutional and high net worth investors.

These investors have realized that traditional portfolio allocations to public equities and fixed income securities are no longer providing sufficient alpha and have increased their alternative investment allocations in response.

We believe that the benefits of private equity investment should be available to any investor who can sustain the attendant risk and required holding period.

National Security Investment

Changing dynamics of threats to the United States have created a need for an increasingly advanced toolkit that broadens capabilities in the areas of data analytics, cyberdefense, unmanned platforms, critical infrastructure protection, and intelligence gathering. These new technologies are most efficiently developed and delivered by the private sector.

We believe that our investors can benefit from participating in this development and delivery in two ways: capital appreciation and a more secure homeland. Judicious investment in the firms that will successfully lead these efforts will produce financial returns correlated to those successes. And, they will produce returns in the safety, strength and security of the United States.

Diversification Is Key

Private equity investment requires diversification, in sector and in suballocation. We believe that this requirement can be fulfilled by partnering with the best private equity opportunity fund managers – and spreading our investor capital among them.

This strategy will help smooth our total returns and mitigate risk for our investors. Like any investment, private equity investment is not without risk. But, the diversification provided by our hybrid fund-of-funds approach aims to increase overall risk-adjusted return.

Macro Views

Video Presentation

Please contact us for exclusive access to a detailed multimedia presentation on the macro views of IronGate.

The presentation includes investment strategy discussion by the managers of IronGate Defense Opportunity Fund.

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